Photography In Casinos: Facts

In this brief article, I am going to be discussing a lot of reasons as to why photography is actually not allowed in most casinos. If you are about to embark on to your long-awaited journey of exploring casinos, you will obviously want to take a lot of pictures and videos of it. It will certainly come easier to take a trip down memory lane, a couple of years down the line. There is absolutely no denying that casino tourism has become immensely popular and because, people are setting foot into destinations like Macau, Las Vegas, Monaco, London and more, casinos are obviously standing out as a very rich Vista, which a lot of people want to take pictures of. Well, when you see a luxurious casino, you will obviously want to take pictures of it. You are going to be spending quite a bit of money on the gambling tables, and you will obviously want some pictures of it, to show your friends and family members. Well, we are not questioning your intentions, but the casinos have certain policies against taking pictures, especially on the casino floor.

casino floor

  • I am sure you are asking why casinos actually have this particular policy against taking pictures. No matter what, even if you are a gambler who wants to place a couple of beds, when you go to a brick and mortar casino, you should know that most of them prohibit gambling photography.
  • Gambling photography is not allowed in a lot of them, and a lot of people may actually be camera shy, and they don’t want the dealers to go through the photography craze, which is why they have strict policies against it.
  • They also want to make sure that privacy is obviously a part of it. When there are cameras flying about, it is like you are on display because you know that you are going to be recorded, either by pictures or by video.
  • Another interesting thing that you can keep in mind is that some casinos are a little more strict about photography because they are bigger, and they have more security to enforce the rules.
  • In a lot of casinos, you will not even be able to take your mobile phone onto the casino floor, they ask you to deposit it in a box, and they will keep it safe for you.
  • The casino staff simply want to make sure that you will definitely comply with the policies of the casino when you are on the floor.

Even though there are some very strict rules, there can be some places in the casino where you are actually allowed to take pictures. You may be allowed to take pictures near the slot machines or, near the dining areas. But, if you want a picture of the casino floor, you will have to talk to somebody who works there and get permission.

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