5 Tips for Taking Photos Inside Any Casino

Land-based casinos in all the gambling districts have been building their empire over the decades, contributing to the great revenue generated by the industry. People have been relying on these establishments for the weekend gambling bout. It may be high time that we make a fortune from the available options in the online casinos, but this experience is never on par with real casino gambling. These reasons keep the players going back to the land-based casino to have fun with the different games.

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However, many of the visitors are unaware of the fact that they cannot click pictures when in a casino. Strict policies set the land-based casino apart from the online casinos, and many of these rules may restrict the gamblers from making the most of these visits. If you are planning a trip to Vegas or Macau and want to post loads of photographs on your social media profiles, here are a few tips to help you do it right.

1.      Use Small Cameras

Size of the camera matters when you are at a casino, especially in the highly reputed ones in Vegas or other gambling districts. To avoid being noticed, you must click pictures on the smallest camera. Doing this will keep you away from the radar of security. Staying off the scent by using small cameras will get you wide frames and every other quality picture you wanted. Since the guards and authorities are on the lookout for professional quality equipment or DSLR cameras, you are less likely to be caught for the small gadget you are carrying.

2.      Take Only Stills

The key to capturing the action in a casino is clicking pictures, meaning you should only take photographs. Make sure you don’t keep capturing videos of the casino because the pans are more likely to be noticed than snaps.

3.      Turn Off the Flash

If you have read the first two points, you must know by now that casinos are strict about using cameras in the halls. In order to avoid being kicked out of the casino, click pictures without the flashlight on. All cameras have the feature to override the flash; so, you must turn it off before clicking a picture.

4.      Never Use Tripods

The last thing you should even think of doing at a casino is using tripods or other such apparatus and equipment that give you away. Tripods are not only easily visible to the security, but it also is a safety concern for the other guests. The tripod legs could make the guests trip and fall, especially if they are drunk or distracted. Leave your tripod at the hotel if you don’t want to be denied access to the casino.

tripod legs

5.      Keep Moving

One of the most important points to bear in mind is that you should never stay at a spot for a long time. Get a photo with a fairly appealing background and get going before you are caught violating the rules.

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