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What to Wear to a Casino: A Guide to a Stylish Dress Code

The casinos you see in movies are filled with lights and aromatic offerings. Every guest at such establishments is also impeccably dressed in gorgeous back-laced dresses and designer tuxes. You are less likely to see so many bow ties and black suits at real casinos. However, you need to dress properly to be allowed into the casino premises. When you are planning a trip to a casino, one of the most difficult things to decide is clothing.

Most people will be confused as to whether they should dress up in formal clothes or not. If you haven’t packed the right clothes for the casino night, it might just be upsetting to know that you need a pair of formal dresses to enter the casino. So, you need to check the dress policy and the clothes acceptable at a casino before heading to the destination. Here is a short guide on what you can wear to a casino.

General Rules

One of the most important points to bear in mind is that you must always visit the websites of the casinos you are planning to go to. By doing this, you will have a clearer picture of the dress code in that casino. Different dress codes may apply, depending on what you plan to do at the casino. Here are a few general rules of dressing you must follow, regardless of the casino you choose to visit:

  • Do not wear flip flops
  • Wear only washed, clean clothes
  • Never wear sneakers
  • You could be more casual in the daytime
  • After sunset, do not wear t-shorts, shorts, or revealing tops
  • The dress code will be different if you want to access nightclubs and lounges.
  • Slide into better formal clothes if you are visiting a high-dollar casino.

Dress Code

Dress Codes

1.      White Tie

This is the highest level of formality, and it is often seen in James Bond movies. You can watch any of the latest movies, including the Oceans series, to see how you can dress for high-end gambling sessions. Although white tie is an uncommon dress code for casinos these days, you may have to wear it if the casinos demand you. For men, the white tie dress code would include wing collars, a white tux shirt, fitted black dress coat, black leather shoes, and a white vest and bow tie. Women should wear floor-length gowns and ballgowns, elegant jewelry, and small purses.

2.      Black Tie

It is the next most formal level of dress code that you need to practice wearing to a casino. Although this is also not so popular in casinos anymore, it is more common than the white tie. This dress code is typically set for the evening sessions, especially for special events or VIP lounges.

3.      The Most Popular Dress Codes

Black tie optional, semiformal, business formals and casuals are the most common dress codes at a casino. These would include shirts, trousers, and a simple suit for men, and women can wear cocktail dresses, long skirts, jackets, pencil skirts, or plain t-shirts.

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